About Us

Little Millennium - The Best Preschool in Kelambakkam

Little Millennium Preschool Kelambakkam is one of the fastest growing preschool in Kelambakkam. We believe that every child is unique and deserves an environment that allows them to remain unique and to grow just the way they are. Owing to it's scientifically researched and result-oriented approach, committed offerings and strong value proposition, Little Millennium preschool has become one of the fastest growing preschool brand in the country today, with 750 preschool centres across 150 cities having served over 1,30,000+ children till date.

Little Millennium's proprietary ‘Seven-Petal’ preschool curriculum developed exclusively for 2 to 6 year olds, ensures holistic development of every child by following Sequential Learning and Developmental Milestones. The curriculum uses Eclectic Approach model to subsequently improve learning effectiveness in children. The curriculum aims at providing children with a solid academic foundation by implementing a multi-sensory integrated approach to early education.

At Little Millennium, the emphasis is on building the right foundation for the child everyday through play activities and collaborative group work. Highly trained staff, premium child-friendly infrastructure, an acute focus on quality control and evaluation ensures a high quality experience for children and their parents at our preschool. We believe that each child is unique and our aim is to help them become happy, social and confident children.

Our dedicated efforts towards building and nurturing the future generation has proclaimed Little Millennium as the best Preschool Chain in India.


To enable, energise and enhance childhood by fostering growth of mind, body and spirit, which will help children to become lifelong learners.


To nurture young minds in a culturally appropriate environment and provide opportunities that will help them realise their true potential.


Our philosophy is to provide each child with a culturally appropriate environment, moral values, love and protection needed for a healthy growth of body, mind and spirit. Little Millennium Play Schools provide a stimulating environment along with scientifically based curriculum to nurture the roots and lay a strong foundation to prepare every child to achieve success in all phases of life. We at Little MillenniumTM Preschool, strive to

Provide continuous stimulation for dynamic and holistic development of children.

Support and contribute in the social cause of facilitating the development process of grooming young minds by upholding every child's right to education with a strong belief in inclusive education.

Create an environment for the smooth transition of a child from an informal homely surrounding to a formal learning atmosphere.

Work in partnership with parents in the challenging and rewarding journey on the various aspects of childhood and parenting.